Visitor’s Welcome

Come As You Are

Everyone is Welcome Here!

Everyone is welcome here! Harvest is a place where you can be open and honest with where you are. We want you to come with whatever doubts, questions, struggles, and hurts you may have. It doesn’t matter how messed up you think your life might be; we have a place for you. In fact, we say no perfect people allowed, because no one is actually perfect, and here, there’s no need to pretend you are. So, whether you’ve been following Jesus for a long time or you’re exploring faith for the first time, we’re glad you’re here.

Be Transformed

Small Groups

Are life changing! Not only giving you the space to intentionally pursue spiritual maturity and develop a deeper relationship with Jesus, but also to have accountability with your church family. And to develop life long relationships in the body of Christ

Live Connected

Here at Harvest

We respect the fact that you may want to just check things out for a time. But when you’re ready, we celebrate your desire to step out of anonymity and into community so that you can live connected. We’ll help you find a group to get plugged in, so you can serve others with others. With opportunities in areas such as revolution youth, men or women's ministries, production and the arts, admin, and more, you’re bound to find the perfect fit.

Change Your World

Part of God's Amazing Plan

How He wired us to live connected to Him and to one another, is not only for our own transformation but also for the transformation of others. We continue to grow and be changed as we help others grow and change. God never intended us to sit on the the sidelines, watching the world around us. He wants us to jump in and be part of what He’s doing—meeting the relational, physical, and spiritual needs in our world. We’re committed to serving one another—our neighbors, our city, and our world. Serving people overseas or serving refugees right here in Wichita. Together we want to bring the life and freedom of Jesus to every neighborhood and nation we encounter, and we can’t wait to partner with you in that effort.

If you have questions or would just like more info, please fill out the form.  We look forward to meeting you!